Osmocote invented controlled release technology and is still the leading product in this field!

We developed the world’s first controlled release fertilizer 50 years ago. This sowed the seeds for five decades of innovation. Four generations of Osmocote, each with its own unique features, have grown up over the last half century. We share 50 years of growing together. Our growers have been our inspiration since day one. Because we share your passion for growing excellence from generation to generation. Our commitment? You can count on us. We’re ready for a future of growing together for generations to come.

The result of 3rd generation innovation and development, Osmocote Exact provides maximum guarantee of good growth and perfect quality. Featuring the unique breakthrough technology of programmed release, Osmocote Exact DCT (Double Coating Technology) is the latest Osmocote generation. With four generations of coated fertilizers Osmocote still leads the industry with the broadest and most effective range of solutions. We celebrate 50 years of Osmocote and we’re working hard on the Osmocote of the future.

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