Is Osmocote organic?

No, Osmocote is an inorganic fertilizer but it has all the major benefits of an organic fertilizer. Let us explain; many people don’t realise it, but a plant can only use nutrients that are in an inorganic form. Any organic fertilizer needs to be broken down into inorganic nutrients before it can be used by the plant. The benefit of this is that all the nutrients in an organic fertilizer are not available all at once but are released over a longer and safer period of time, just like Osmocote.
The advantage of Osmocote over organic fertilizers is that the nutrients are already in an inorganic (useable) state and the plant can start using it immediately but it still releases over a pre-determined time, making it safe and efficient. Best of both worlds. The coating of Osmocote is organic and based on soybean oil only.

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